(The American Family Association has many 'divisions')

UPDATED 2008.09.20

(commentary from BoycottAfa.com)

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The American Family Association (AFA,) A NON-PROFIT organization, has reinstated its boycott of Ford, and has initiated new ones.

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BoycottFord... it's back!

Well, these zealots have really done it to us now. Yes the boycotts are in full blume this fall, as the non-profit (they don't pay taxes) organization continues with its boycott of Ford, boycotts McDonalds, and announces a new Boycott of Hallmark. And with all of this we get a nice new alias for the AFA- it is also the FPN. One of Its many divisions apparently.

Personally I hope that they are very successful with their campaign. Yes I would like to see hundreds, if not thousands of workers around-the-world laid off from Ford, McDonalds, and Hallmark. There is some sarcasm there.

Why can't a "religious organization" focus on things one would think it would be more suited for? I can think of several and I am just one person (thats right come and get me.) How about boycottpoverty, boycottviolence, boycottwars, ... or even teachthechildren, housethehomeless, perhaps prayagainstdisaster?


UPDATED 2008.03.12

(commentary from BoycottAfa.com)

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The American Family Association (AFA,) A NON-PROFIT organization, has ended its boycott on ford in a pretty humiliating fasion.

Citing detnews ...

American Family Association ends Ford boycott
Bryce G. Hoffman / The Detroit News
The American Family Association announced today that it is ending its boycott of Ford Motor Co., claiming victory in its effort to convince the Dearborn automaker to curtail advertising in gay and lesbian publications.

The automaker says it has reduced all of its advertising and charitable spending as a result of financial pressures, and said it remains committed to treating all people fairly.

The conservative Christian organization, based in Tupelo, Miss., called the boycott two years ago to protest what it called Ford's "support of the homosexual agenda." The AFA accused the company of reneging on a 2005 agreement to suspend advertising in gay and lesbian publications and stop support for gay and lesbian events and causes.

That agreement ended an earlier boycott by the organization.

Now, the AFA says Ford has met the terms of the original agreement.

"A few minor issues remain, and we will continue to bring these to the attention of Ford. But basically Ford has met the terms of the agreement. We are therefore suspending the boycott," said the organization's chairman and founder, Donald Wildmon, in a communique to members Tuesday. "Individuals are free to purchase Ford vehicles again."

Wildmon claimed that more than 780,000 individuals signed the AFA's petition, pledging to boycott Ford products.

You can reach Bryce Hoffman at (313) 222-2443 or bhoffman@detnews.com.

I have emailed all of our signatuors regarding this information. I implore those with the energy and skill to take this movement to the next level. Let us start an international fight to "boycott" biggotry, in all forms!


UPDATED 2005.12.07

(commentary from BoycottAfa.com)

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The American Family Association (AFA,) A NON-PROFIT organization, which launched a boycott of the Ford Motor Company and its businesses has made stride in further perpetuating the hate toward the gay community.

Indeed it had boycotted Ford simply for advertising in homosexually oriented publications. The AFA used its TAX-EXEMPT resources and donations to prop up a hate site BoycottFord.com to rally thousands of signatures to win this fight it started with Ford.

It has been recently announced (LINK) that Ford has acquiesced to the AFAs demands and agreed to pull advertisement from publications with the gay community as an audience.

Ironically, and at nearly the same time- Ford has announced the cut of over 30,000 jobs (LINK.)

Now it would be somewhat ridiculous to suggest that there is a direct link between the two events, but the coincidence speaks volumes about the twisted misguided nature of this sick, hateful group guising itself in the veil of the followers of Christ.

Indeed a Tax Exempt, Christian organization can do nothing but interrupt the fair market by using unifying hateful rhetoric. They can find no other productive way to make an impact on society. Wouldn't our communities be better served if this organization put as much effort and resources into supporting families in need, children whose parents are not providing proper or full guidance, or single mothers in financial and/or emotional trouble.

I implore you to stand up against this group. Write your congress people and tell them you do not support this group or their tax exempt status.

Sign our pledge to get started in our acts of unification- and exposing these groups for what they are.


(commentary from BoycottAfa.com)

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The American Family Association (AFA) which recently launched BoycottFord.com (LINK) for its pro-gay policies- has a rich record of contradiction, and exploiting what many believe are “Pro-Family” interests/values.

After closely inspecting the AFA web-site and the sites of its divisions- one is inclined to conclude it is merely a front for- a series of lies, contradiction, and even- a platform for delivering propaganda, not news- encouraging among other things- even- anti-Muslim sentiments.

As a multi-part release- Boycott.Afa.com will report and expose this supposedly Christian and Pro-Family organization’s self-contradictions, and, what BoycottAfa.com identifies as a misrepresented mission…

In commentary (LINK) written by AFA-chairman-and-founder- Donald Wildmon, available from the AFA press/news division agapepress (LINK) archives- Wildmon implies Islam is not a religion of peace. In the commentary he tells the story of “A plane commandeered… another… a third… crashes…. Thousands of innocent civilians are killed.” The very next paragraph stating: “Who is responsible? A group of Muslims” continuing… “No Muslim leader steps forward to apologize… There is only silence from the Muslim leaders around the world.” In several following paragraphs Wildmon tells stories of violence, resulting in the deaths of innocent, and/or Christian people… following up with obviously sarcastic statements along the line of “Islam is a religion of peace.”

He continues to conclude that “those who do all this evil want… none of the things normally associated with individuals and groups who do such things… they only want to harm, to cause destruction and promote fear and kill the ‘infidels’… That is their reward.”

All of these observations, and the implied conclusion- that Islam is not a religion of Peace- are more-than-once founded on the premise that no Muslim leader had stepped forward. With a small amount of research one can find that Muslim leaders spoke out days after the attacks.

Wildmon tops it off by saying “Why, then, do our leaders continually tell us that Islam is a religion of peace? Perhaps it is easier to be politically correct than it is to tell the truth.” This statement, along with the entire content of his commentary, implies- “Islam is not a religion of peace” and that that premise is merely the product of our “politically correct” leaders.

In conclusion, we encourage you to consider that the AFA purports having over 2 million members. What Muslim or anyone else can look at this commentary by its chairman and conclude that “Christianity is a religion of peace.”

It is propaganda like this- being fed to the Muslim and Christian communities- that is responsible for the deaths of ten-of-thousands- in the past four years alone.


Sign the Boycott Afa Pledge

Yes, I believe that the Afa does not support what I consider to be family values.  The message the Afa sends conflicts with my spirituality and/or beliefs.  In my opinion, the Afa should be using its resources to send less negative messages, and Donald Wildmon should issue an apology for, and retract his commentary because I find it insulting.   Join with the other individuals who have already shown their support!

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Very Important - Contact your place of worship.

Please contact your place of worship or spiritual representative.   Tell them that they too should participate in and spread the word about the boycott.   Tell them what you think of the message the Afa is sending and that you don't believe it is in-line with traditional values like love, supporting your fellow man, and not using religion as a political tool.

Tell others to stand up for real family values! E-mail this page to them!

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